5 Fantastic Autism Blogs

5 Fantastic Autism Blogs

A lot of people like to write blogs meaning that sometimes the good ones are hard to find so we listed some the best blogs about autism, Meaning less time finding the really good ones and more time reading them.

  1. Autism Daddy is a blog written by Frank Campagna (Who is 46 years old) about his 13-year-old son who has non-verbal autism & epilepsy (Who Frank calls the king). The blog is a lot like My Son’s Not Rain Man (In that it covers the life of a child with autism) but has posted more regularly and does not appear to try to put as much of a positive spin on things (aka more to the point).


  1. My Son’s Not Rain Man is a blog written by John Williams about his 12-year-old son with autism and cerebral palsy, the posts are extremely detailed (Often being between 500 to 1,000 words long) with a lot of them revolving around John Williams attempts to get a good education for his son but other topics about his son are also covered making the blog very interesting to read. The only issue with the blog is the lack of new posts (He said that he lost his confidence in his writing).


  1. Autism Learning Felt is the blog written by two mothers (first one has a 16-year-old son who has non-verbal autism and was diagnosed at the age of five, The second mother has an 8-year-old son with ADHD). Unlike a lot of other autism blogs this one concentrates more on tips and advice rather than rather than experiences (Not to say it does not deal with experiences at all as it does but it is not the main focus of the blog) and also the posts themselves are on the shorter side but the blog still makes for an interesting read.


  1. Autism with a side of fries is a blog written by Eileen Shaklee (a mother to a child with autism) that was started on the 29th of august 2012. In the blog Eileen writes about experiences her son has and it’s relation to autism, The Posts are decently sized and are packed full of information, even better the writer commonly posts new posts (Around every one to two).


  1. My Aspergers Child is a blog written by Mark Hutten that was started in august 2007 that gives advice to parents of children with Asperger’s syndrome and High-Functioning autism. The blog is updated regularly and the posts are extremely well detailed (New content once or twice per week).


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