What To Do If Your Autistic Child Is Being Bullied

What To Do If Your Autistic Child Is Being Bullied

Children with autism are often bullied due to behaviour that neurotypicals might find strange. Sometimes schools are known to ignore the issues of bullying as it means facing up to issues but there are things you can do to help your child.
Tell the school about the bullying: I know I said that schools are sometimes known to ignore issues like bullying, but you should tell the school about the bullying in a recordable way like by email or a recorded phone as the school might do something about the bullying and if the school does nothing about it, you will have evidence that you have reported the issue and this will be useful later on.
Talk to the parents of the bullies: Parents often don’t know that they child is bullying other children. You should contact the parents and tell them that their child is a bully as this could lead to those parents bringing punishment towards the bully.
If the does not take action report them to regulators: This is the part where recording comes into effect as you can use that evidence to report them to your school regulators to hopefully force action upon the school to actually care about bullying and this will help your autistic child to be happier in school.
Report it to the police: If the school does not take action one thing you can do is report it to the police. This course of action of cause should be avoided if possible as a lot of police stations are already overworked but it might force the school to take action as to avoid legal troubles itself for failing to care for your child.
If all else fails, report the school to the media: It is possible that no one wants to deal with the bullying issue and this is where the media can be helpful. The media loves stories that get lots of traffic and likes on Facebook, And one of the most effective stories is anything to do with autism especially if it’s some sort of struggle, this is very likely to embarrass the school into doing its job. (Remember to send them the recording including emails and calls so the media can back up the story).
Please always remember to look out for bullying happing to your autistic child as they may not tell people what is happing to them.
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  1. Usually it is resolved with talking to the parents, and the bulling stops, or making the teachers aware is also a good method.

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