Do you Have Asperger's Syndrome? (Aspergers Quiz)

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Asperger’s Syndrome is one a mild type of autism usually without developmental or┬áverbal communication delays. The condition is often associated with being smart or gifted in a specific area such as inventing or technology, it is thought that Albert Einstein had this condition (We will never know if this is certain as no one knew what Aspergers was back then). The condition has some issues tho, These often include: Poor social skills (From not being able to communicate though just body Lagrange), extremely restricted interests (even tho this can make you smart in a area, it can also means you don’t function as well in other areas), meltdowns (involuntary poor behavior often caused by stress of sensory overload that can sometimes even be violent) and sensory issues (dislike of some tastes, textures or an overload caused by too much light or sound).
Please don’t use this quiz to claim you are self-diagnosed as this will lead people to take autism less seriously. The reason I say this is that people on platforms like Tumblr often claim to have self-diagnosed autism so they can claim to be oppressed.
If you think you have autism you should go to a doctor.
If you spot and issues with this quiz or have any feedback just comment below and we will get back to you.
This quiz is not a replacement for a doctors opinion. As most content on this website is not written by medical professionals nothing is claimed to medical advice as per our general disclaimer.
We make no claims about the accuracy of the quiz at all (aka no warranty).
The quiz may be updates at any time.


  1. speaking of doing the same things the same way, I messed up the first time because you were switching yes and no / top or bottom. I kept clicking the same position rather than reread it every time. Your “test” has a problem!

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