Minecraft: Sensory Cave For People With Autism

Sensory Cave is a small unfurnished house built in Minecraft.

The house is designed to be perfect for people who have both autism and sensory issues as sensory cave uses softer colors and lighting. This keeps sensory stimulation to a minimal level.

Download Map

How to install Sensory Cave?

Step 1: Click “Download Map” to download the map.

Step 2: Open the zip file you downloaded (I suggest using 7zip to do this)

Step 3: Extract the “Sensory cave” enclosed into your Minecraft saves folder (Windows: Located at %appdata%\.minecraft\saves)

How did I come up with this map?

When I was looking on Google I noticed a huge lack of minecraft maps that are built for people with autism, So I decided to start building some to fill in the gap in the Minecraft community.

One of the most common issues people with autism have is sensory related, mostly being sensory overload rather then lack of sensory stimulation, So i decided make a build with limited brightness and any sensory stimuli designed to be interesting.

Why did I make the house in a cave?

In the olden days of Minecraft it was really common for people to build inside of caves as cave builds can be much more creative as your don’t have to spend as much time designing the exterior.

To be honest, modem builds are often generic and completely bland unlike when I started to play the game back in 2010.

Why did I not furnish the house?

The reason I decided not to furnish the house is that if I do people who downloaded it would lickly of not put their own spin on the design and I want the minecraft builds posted on this website to promote people’s creativity.

If you have any feedback or want to suggest any future builds for me to post to this website then please leave a comment below as I do see all the comment that are posted here.

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