How to Live Independently with Autism

How to Live Independently with Autism

How to Live Independently with Autism
It is always a great wish that you can live on your own even with autism. However, that may be a bit more difficult than we think given that this condition may limit you in some ways. However, the following measures will give you the highest chance at independence.
Support Network
You may need people to support you even when independent. This is usually by a “support network” which may be family, friends or paid care workers but all of this will be dependent on the amount of support you actually need.
Strengths and Weaknesses
You need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses for a start. To do so, you will need someone to tell you what you perform well and where you come short so that you can make the required improvements for your independence.
Independent living without knowing how to cook will be very difficult. You can learn cooking in very easy ways. Either have someone teach you how to do it or learn from the many cooking apps out here. Whatever you do, keep yourself safe at all times.
If you do not know how to spend money, then you will face very many problems since the cornerstone of independent living is knowing how to balance out your money well. You can also learn that from another person or can learn it with a budgeting application.
You also need to find ways of easily moving from one location to the other. You may have a car or rely on public transportation but all you need to know is that your methods of transport will need to be reliable by all means.
For all, you may know, you will learn how to say no to what you do not like and yes to what you like to enjoy a full life. Not that you end up in fights with everyone, but you need to stand your ground with all the politeness you can muster.
You need to have dreams you are chasing rather than just living on your own without a plan. Otherwise, it will get more difficult as you might not have considered everything needed to run a household.


  1. This is a great list of things to for anyone living with autism. However, I think there are many things in this list that people without autism should learn before going out into the world to live on their own. Regardless, I think it would be nice if there was someone or some group out there that taught all these things. That might be something to research, whether or not there was some type of group that could help the people that have autism face these problems before they go out to live on their own.

  2. It is a fantastic list with great tips. This is a huge step for people with autism and before they go out in the big world they need the help and support otherwise they are going to end up struggling a lot. I think they should be some groups out there to help them and support them. I think for teenagers they should help them a lot of School and in College to know what happens in the world and how to overcome their fears.

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