5 Ways To Reduce Meltdowns In Children With Autism

5 Ways To Reduce Meltdowns In Children With Autism

Autistic children are not easy to look after because a small amount of stress to the average person might be a much bigger issue to a child with autism and this can lead to a meltdown. The person who is taking care of the child or the family members should be aware of ways to tackle meltdowns and how to calm down the child. There are certain ways you can adapt in order to reduce the chance the child will have a meltdown those are.
Maintain a log book It is highly useful to note down each instance where the child had a meltdown. This log book acts as a studying and analysing material for the person who is taking care of the child with autism. In addition, this log book of meltdowns can help the caretaker to figure out what causes the meltdowns and what saturation to avoid in the future.
Stress-free environment   It is very important to have a sensory friendly environment for the child who has autism. The child can react to sound, light, and colour of their surroundings more strongly than children who don’t have autism. Allowing the child to have a sensory friendly environment is often the key to reducing meltdowns.
Supplying the child with positive attributes Positivity is very important for a growing child as well as for the grownups. However, the positive environment can yield greater for the child. The positive attribute should come from the person who is taking care of the child. The growing child learns everything from the grownups; therefore maintaining a positive attitude with the child is very important. This reflects in the buildup of self-confidence and the braveness to face failure.
Treat them as a normal human being  The child with autism also should be treated as a normal child whenever possible as this helps the child to understand their importance. It is very important to allow the child to feel normal. This reduces their stress, especially at the emotional level. Emotional stress experienced by the child can be a big reason for the meltdown.
Teaching stress management techniques Stress management is of great importance for the child. The teaching of stress management techniques helps the child to avoid stressful stimuli from affecting them. These techniques should be taught practically and should be shown to the child daily with the help of illustrations or videos. This helps the child to de-stress themselves without ending up in a meltdown.
This article was originally written Dr Nuwanthi Fernando and was edited by Mr Matthew Christopher Morgan (Owner of autism.pw)

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  1. This is such a wonderful article. I’m sure this article will provide families who have children with autism with lots of useful information about what they can do to help their child. I also think this could be useful to other people that come in contact with that particular child with autism. People like teachers, baby sitters, other family members, etc. Thank you very much for sharing this article!

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