Dating Tips For People With Autism

Dating Tips For People With Autism

Autism is not that uncommon. Many people suffer from this disorder, and it makes social interaction, like dating, difficult. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. If you think about, dating is difficult for many “ordinary” people as well. People who, when faced with the prospect of dating a potential partner, suddenly can freeze up and seem even more autistic than some autistic people. The truth is that approaching someone that we could be romantically interested in is difficult, but perhaps even a little harder for autistic people. So let’s have a look at dating in general, but with a particular focus on autistic people.


Most of us, if we are honest, will admit that we lack confidence, and you need quite a bit of confidence when facing a date. But remember that you need a real confidence, not something that is put on like a mask. And this is great news for the autistic person, even though it is probably necessary to work on confidence issues for some time to let it grow naturally. A helpful tip is to accept who you are. Yes, you have autism, and yes, this means that you will have some issues, but if you accept this openly then confidence will come. And it will come naturally.
The human aspect
This part is also something that could work in your favour, because if you approach a person completely openly, and tell them, right off the bat, what your issues are, you may even become much more attractive and exciting. It may seem strange, but honesty in this manner can be very powerful. It makes you more human, even though this is not a right phrase. Another factor that will help you is that you develop your interests, as you may encounter your future partner in this manner. And this has to do with jobs and professions, just as much as much as with hobbies. In fact, if you stop for a minute, and start thinking about it, it makes perfect sense to start developing your interests before you start dating. Because this will help build your persona, develop your confidence, plus the fact that you will have a lot to talk about with the right person.
Get out there
The most valuable advice is to get out of your sofa, get out for your room, and start meeting people. And this is equally true for “ordinary” people. Nothing will happen if you stay at home, so the initiative needs to materialise in outer movements, as it were. It is all in your mind, as you probably know, and if you can find a way to attack the whole dating issue like we have been talking about here, you are likely to be fine. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to you. You need to do the work. You need to get out of your house. You need to do the date. Go on, just do it!


  1. This is a good article. I agree that dating can be difficult for people with autism but like you mentioned in the article, there are plenty of people that struggle with dating who don’t have some form of autism. Some people just find it difficult to talk to people from the opposite gender. I think there was a lot of good information in this article for people, both with and without autism. Thank you for sharing!

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