Coping With An Autistic Child

Coping With An Autistic Child

It can be quite challenging to have an autistic child. Here are some tips to help you cope with the situation.

  • Find a local support group:
    One step which may be helpful for most parents of autistic children is finding a local support group made up of participants who go through similar issues to you, this means that you can share ideas with each other.
  • Do it for your world, your family, your next baby etc:
    Consider autism as a disorder which develops and not something that is destined. Understanding autism as the outcome of a series of events will give you the strategy for stopping or slowing down that series. The autism challenge can give you the drive to support the health of your entire family, your environment and your future children.
  • Know what you have control over and what you don’t.
    The set of genes which we were born with is what we will continue to have throughout our entire life. This does not mean that our future is destined. Our environment is shaped by the power of individual genes. Your goal should be to create a very nourishing and supportive environment for yourself and your loved one with autism.
  • Seek help from professionals.
    If you are relying on a school to provide the unique education which your child needs, you need to have the school providers and the educational plan examined by an independent professional who may either be a development paediatrician or a licensed clinical psychologist. Many schools will not do a good job in this area and will not do so unless you compel them to.
  • Consider keeping a diary or a journal:
    This should be a note where you write down all that transpired each day and how you felt about it. Give enough details when you enter your daily notes in this diary. The reason for this is that because you are with your child every day, you may not notice the little improvements that are occurring because they happen very gradually. When you take some moments from time to time to go through your write ups, you will easily see the progress that has taken place all these while right from when you started keeping notes. Keeping a diary or journal and writing down your feelings can also be of help to many people who want to release the frustration and stress they are feeling.
  • Relate deeply with your child
    Find out hidden reasons behind how your child behaves, especially when it is most difficult to imagine anything. Bizarre or challenging behaviours are more often than not a sign that something is not right, either inside or outside their bodies. Learn to interpret your child’s message and communicate in a way that he or she would understand. Take things very slowly. Teach them those simple things that happen naturally to people who are not autistic. If you sincerely love them as they are and join them in their world, they will blossom more easily and feel a lot safer.


  1. It is hard to cope with this, but parents must know that they are the ones that will make their child’s life either better or worse, depending on how they bond with him/her. Lovely read.

  2. A journal is always a great help as it will provide you with those small yet immensely positive details about your child’s development. One must never forget to put in all the small details or it won’t work out that well.

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