Autism Story: Tom Learns To Socialize With Other Kids

Tom standing in front of school

Tom was a little boy of only 5 years. Like all other children, he was admitted in a school. But he found it very difficult to speak and mix freely with other kids of his class. Actually, little Tom was suffering from autism, a neurological condition that was troubling him from a vary early age. He was feeling lost amidst the others, who could not understand him, nor could he understand what they were telling or doing. “What they are playing? How am I supposed to play with them?” he asked himself, feeling completely bewildered.

Tom with doctor

He did not want to go to school at all and cried a lot. So his parents took him to his doctor, who referred them to a regular training, where they could be taught how to train up their child to speak with others and play with other kids of his age. His parents went through the training course, which had known to be beneficial for training many other autistic kids before. “You will be all right, son,” said his mother to him, to calm down his son and make him comfortable.

Tom's schedule

His parents made a weekly schedule ready for him that matched his daily habits of studying, playing and watching TV. Tom was especially interested in drawing and crafts. So his parents engaged him daily in drawing anything he wanted and picked that time to teach him the social skills. First day, he was asked to draw two cats. “What name do you want to give to these cats?” asked his Mom, when he finished drawing. “He thought and answered, “Bilu and Chilu.” “What should Bilu tell to Chilu, for asking him to play together?” his mother asked again. Seeing Tom a bit confused, his father told, “Bilu should tell Chilu – Come on friend, let’s play together!”

teacher orange

First training session was really short. But his parents increased the timing slowly from the second day. He was given soft toys and taught to speak with them. “Ask your teddy to share your food, by telling him – please have some from my lunch box, my friend!” Tom did as he was told and slowly he started enjoying these sessions. His Mom posed as his teacher and asked him, “Tell me Tom, what is the shape of this orange?” Tom was happy, as he knew this answer and he told “It is round!” showing the shape with his little fingers.

classroom autism

This way, Tom was taught how to speak to his friends in the class and in the playground. He was also taught how to answer his teachers’ questions, without fearing to speak. He learned how to interact with the school staff, if needed at any time. His father took a wooden toy soldier and asked him, “What will you tell this keeper of your school, if you need anything?” His parents taught him how to speak and what to tell to everyone around them in school and also while playing in the local park.

treats autism

Whenever, Tom answered correctly, he was rewarded with his favorite chocolates and fruits. So he was encouraged to learn more and slowly he found that school was an enjoyable place for him, no more a torturous place like before. He found many lovable friends to play and study together, in school and in the local park. Life was no more so hard for little Tom any more, as he learnt to socialize with others.

This story was written by Eva sandra.

Illustrations where drawn by  Matthew Christopher Morgan

This story is © 2017 Matthew Christopher Morgan

Please do not redistribute this with permission (Exemption to this is when using the content to teach a class of students in that situation you can print out copies for the class to read)

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